Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waitin' on "La Mome"

This is what I call a terrific place to wait for the movie to begin. The Theaterplex (my own word) at Les Halles in Paris has the perfect solution for those arrive early to see a movie. The Cine Cafe is very relaxing. Here in Lexington the lobbies have tables and chairs but the atmosphere is not tranquil and the game room for teens is a noisey place where the sounds spill into the lobby, big time.
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Blogger dr. adder said...

Hi Johnny - thanks for dropping by again. I thought you had given up blogging. You stopped posting for such a long time so it's great to hear from you again. We don't know the Fibber Magee radio show - it's one that didn't make it over here. Must see if I can find some archive broadcasts on the web.
Did you enjoy La Môme? it finally arrived here a couple of weeks ago and I must say I really enjoyed it. Apart from the great songs I thought the acting and directing were superb.

1:58 PM

Blogger JohnnyParsons said...

Doc A,
I agree....La Mome was terrific. That girl who played the lead was fantastic. She was also very good in "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe. Fibber Magee was famous for having an overstuffed closet. Everytime he opened it you heard the noise from everything falling out of it. It didn't take much for us to laugh in the '30's and '40's.

4:20 PM

Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Marion Cotillard was incredible! Superb! Magnificient! Fabulous! I'm running out of vocabulary and she was all that and more! Incredible performance. Bravo!!!

7:01 PM

Blogger dr. adder said...

I haven't seen 'A Good Year' - something else for me to check out. Still on films have you seen 'Paris, je t'aime' ? - another film I saw in the same week as La Môme - and did you see Le Ballon Rouge on my blog. Found the whole film on YouTube. Great little film.
The Theaterplex reminds me of our own QFT film theater, though QFT is not so grand it does have a newly installed cafe/bar. It is one of the two independent cinemas in Belfast and is where we can see all the great foreign films.
I must do a post of it so that you can compare.

3:04 PM


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